Disney Channel dance competition ‘Shake It Up: Dance Dance’ in South Africa

Beautiful Bella Thorne Shake It Up

The beautiful and talented talented Bella Thorne stars in “Shake It Up!”.
Creative Commons

A brand new Disney Channel contest is now underway in South Africa and online video submissions are being accepted. Disney Channel South Africa has also joined forces with one of South Africa’s most popular radio DJ’s and “South Africa’s Got Talent” host, Anele Mdoda, to lend her support to encourage kids across South Africa to get involved and have some fun. She will be head judge for the competition.


4 thoughts on “Disney Channel dance competition ‘Shake It Up: Dance Dance’ in South Africa

  1. Oh I just love shake it up and I’m a big fan of rocky and CeCe you rock

  2. Wow,i really love the show,and i can dance but the problem is i’m in Nigeria and to get a trip there is the bigD .fortunately ,if you can help i’d appreciate it.pls help me.God bless you.

  3. i love shake it up i an trying so hard to get the doll zendaya ur my inspration i am trying to write a storie a bout u 2 your epic and i would love to audition 4 your show i am 11 years old and always wanted to act bella ur inspriring and its ok i unders stand about dislexya but ur strong and smart u can do it i am uniqe and i think we r going to b bff but u guys are better bffs
    hair brown and short i live in ca. And i am tan with freckles
    thanks froom ur biggest fan,

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