Know The Facts Before Taking The Plunge Into An Acting Career

Acting Career Reality Check

The average income for Screen Actors Guild Members is less than $5,000 annually.
AB Media Publishing, LLC

The number of people who “dream” of being a professional actor are in the millions. There are no official statistics published regarding the number of people who actively pursue acting jobs over the course of a given year, however the number is likely in the upper hundreds of thousands worldwide. This is a staggering number considering that there are roughly 50,000 acting jobs in a year, mostly comprising of small one-day roles. This figure also includes actors who worked on cruise lines, theme parks, summer festivals, and other non film and television jobs.


One thought on “Know The Facts Before Taking The Plunge Into An Acting Career

  1. It is always tremendous to educate the ‘non-acting’ public, the realities of this business. And, it is only the legit, honest agents who will be upfront with new talent. You are very correct about the basic income reality. In my area, so much has been bounced around RE the ‘film tax incentives’. The harsh reality is, even if an actor books a feature film role, their ‘salary’ is not union scale unless they are working enough to afford the SAG status – or, unless it is a SAG film (as you stated.) And, I’m all too familiar with the non-union scale. At most, Principal or Supporting actors may earn $100-$150 per shoot day; sometimes greater, depending upon the role or film. Overall, however – the smart ones still don’t quit their day jobs.

    On the whole out – your blog, while probably not intending to scare “wannabes”, presents very standard income facts about the industry, as a Whole. 🙂

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