Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Who’s Your Monster’ auditions and extras casting

Olivia Holt Kickin It Who's Your Monster

Disney XDKickin’ It” star Olivia Holt plays the lead role in “Who’s Your Monster”.
Creative Commons

Production is set to begin on a new Disney Channel Original Movie titled “Who’s Your Monster” and casting for supporting and day player roles continues. Extras will be cast throughout filming in Vancouver, BC. The movie is Halloween themed, and set to premiere during Disney Channel‘s second annual month-long Monstober event in October, 2012. Shooting will begin on March 26, 2012 and continue through mid-May, 2012. The movie is about a girl who discovers her parents are monster hunters when she accidentally releases them from a secret containment chamber. She and her trusty techno friends must recapture the escaped demons and save her mom and dad.


3 thoughts on “Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Who’s Your Monster’ auditions and extras casting

  1. Hi, I’m Marann Mullen! Aspiring actress, fifteen years old, Philadelphia native, and I am interested in being an extra for this film!

  2. Heyy, I would really love to be in this movie whether its a big part or thesmallest part in the movie, a parts a part and I would be blessed with anything!(:

  3. wow i really love Disney channel an ecery since i was little i wanted to be in anny movie they had especially holloween town i loved loved all of there movies.. I would love to work wit the disney chanle networke..

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