Disney Channel casting starring roles for new comedy series ‘Bits & Pieces’

Miley Cyrus Disney Star

It’s a Laugh Productions made huge stars of actresses such as Miley Cyrus.
Creative Commons

It’s a Laugh Productions is in pre-production on a brand new multicamera family comedy series pilot for Disney Channel titled “Bits & Pieces”. The casting directors are auditioning actors to play the Fickman/Sullenger family, which includes two adults and four kids ages 7 – 16 years, two girls and two boys. All of the extras and stand-ins will be hired in Los Angeles throughout shooting which will take place this Summer, 2012. “Bits & Pieces” is a unique re-imagining of the traditional family comedy. The series will showcase the bits and pieces of a family’s funniest moments using quick, dynamic storylines that unfold through a series of short comedic vignettes.

4 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting starring roles for new comedy series ‘Bits & Pieces’

  1. I would love to be on TV!:) I have always dreamed to be an actress!

  2. Im Lea and Im going for the role of Crystal on the show Bits of Pieces. Me and Crystal are just alike. I would really I would make a wonderful Crystal.

    For more information about audtion email: leaboo123@aol.com

  3. HI!Im Kearah and I will love to be on the show “Bits and Pieces” Im a good actress and I will work very hard.

  4. Hi I’m heaven I’m turning thirteen on september 12 and I think I would be perfect for this new tv series because I’m funny,cool to hang out with and full of excitement . I’ve been watchin disney channel for a long time and always dreamed of being in one of the shows .
    If y’all pick me to cast in this show I guarantee you won’t have any regrets

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