Disney Channel’s first 2012 open casting call seeking kids and teens

Selena Gomez Open Casting Call

Selena Gomez was discovered at a Disney open call in the summer of 2004.
Creative Commons

It’s that time of year again for Disney Channel and Disney XD to hold the first official open casting call of 2012, this one in Kansas City, Missouri. Casting directors are seeking boys and girls between the ages of 10 – 18 (or who look like they are 10 – 18) and are interested in acting, dancing, or singing. The purpose of these open casting calls is to discover talented young actors to be considered for upcoming original movies and series produced for Disney Channel and Disney XD.


5 thoughts on “Disney Channel’s first 2012 open casting call seeking kids and teens

  1. Hello my name is Elliott Combz I am 19 yrs old, 5,7 160 pounds all muscle. I am native american, dominican, and hawaiian I have curly black hair with dark brown eyes. my talents are Acting, dancing,singing,rapping,free running boxing and martial arts. I love to be able to preform my talents for others, I can fit into any roll if I set my mind to it. Im very confident in myself and determined, I try my best at everything I do and if I am given the chance I would love to be aprt of the acting world. I would best fit into action movies like iorn man thor 2 or xmen first class, but im open for what ever.

  2. Anything for preschool aged kids in the near future?

  3. my son will b the perfect one to do this job. Listen, you will b lucky to have him. Respond if you want to find out who he is. I think you will be pleasently surprised.

  4. I believe I would like to audition for this open casting thing. I am 10 and quite tall. But, I have acne. Now, you don’t see to many Disney stars with acne. But with a lot of makeup I can cover it. I don’t know anything about these open castings. I’ll have to do more research. This will be my first audition for anything. Maybe I can audition for some comercials first… money is the only thing in my way.

  5. hi my name is name Kristine elhaf iwant to be in Disney channel i am very talented and i love acting here is some info of me:

    name: Kristine elhaf
    date of birth:25/12/1998
    hair color: brown
    eyes color: brown
    location: Lebanon Beirut
    area code:00961
    hobbies: acting singing dancing basketball football
    phone number : +70971639
    current city: Lebanon ,Beirut
    i am easy to cry and i have mixed beauty i am half Lebanese half Philippine and i born in Kuwait i love acting i can make u cry and laugh once she made all audience not stop laughing i can somehow sing and dance i am friendly and easy to communicate with people i can dress up bigger than my age too.

    please reply nearly and thank you and by the way here is my email address :fatma_elhaf@hotmail.com

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