Open casting call for Nickelodeon action-comedy series ‘Supah Ninjas’

Gracie Dzienny Amanda McKay Supah Ninjas

Toleda, Ohio native Gracie Dzienny shines in the role of Amanda McKay.
Creative Commons

Empire City Productions is set to begin production on the second season of the action-comedy series “Supah Ninjas” for Nickelodeon. The lead, guest starring, and recurring roles are being cast in Los Angeles, while smaller roles and extras are cast in Pittsburgh where filming will take place. An open casting call is scheduled for people ages 18-40 who are experienced martial artists, dancers, and gymnasts to work as stunt people and featured extras. In addition, the casting director is seeking young actors ages 14-19 with theatre experience for speaking roles on the show. Also being cast are teen girls with cheerleading experience. “Supah Ninjas” is also looking for a few interns for the summer to work in the Camera/Production/Art/Costume departments.


3 thoughts on “Open casting call for Nickelodeon action-comedy series ‘Supah Ninjas’

  1. email me please i want to audition!

  2. i want that job i want it not to be fake either because everytime i go to something like this its FAKE

  3. Hi my name is kenard blackstock. I am a great actor and an amazing dancer I would really love to work with nickelodeon and be apart of any of their upcoming or recent productions. I am 17 years old and I have been dancing since I was 2 and acting since I was 14. I am really great to work with and easy to get along with. Please contact me at (816)728-3267 or Email me at Thankyou

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