Disney Channel casting starring roles for new series ‘Fantasma’

Wizards of Waverly Place Selena Gomez

From the producers of “Wizards of Waverly Place” starring Selena Gomez.
Creative Commons

Auditions for the brand new Disney Channel half-hour comedy sitcom pilot “Fantasma” are now underway for the series regulars. Casting is taking place in Los Angeles, where the show will be videotaped. Both union and non-union extras will be hired when shooting begins in July, 2012. The storyline follows a family that moves into an old house, and they soon discover that there is a perky teenage girl already living there – and she just so happens to be a ghost!

17 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting starring roles for new series ‘Fantasma’

  1. im 13 in new jersey and to be casted in this series would be amazing. i love acting , i think its fun and lets your true self come through(come through the character).i hope you consider me!

  2. Hmmmm interesting!

  3. I would love to be a part of this show! im 16 years old, and have a nordic look with brown hair and blue eyes. Acting and dancing is my passion. If you are willing to give me a chance, please take contact on my email below. And where can i find the script to this? Thank you for the time, and i will have my fingers crossed.

  4. I really would love to be an extra for this! I am 14 years old and I have little experience but I have to start somewhere right! Please email me and tell me what exact date extras will be casted and I will be there! I just need some more details. Thank you so much!!

  5. hi im josh flowers i would love to be on this show im 12 mixed race with sweetish and african this would be my dream thank u

  6. My Names is Richard dowie & IM 17 i need something so that I can start my career of acting & being an extra eould be some type of experince.

  7. id like to be an actor

  8. Hi, My name is Jamela and im 13. I dont know if your gonna get this message but i want to audition for the role of fantasma but i live in atlanta not L.A. if theirs anyway you could email me i would be soo appriciative. im a singer/songwritter and im a very good actress. THANKS SO MUCH!

  9. I believe I am an amazing actress. I don’t have any experience, but I know I can do anything. I am African-American and I know and can play any large part available. Thank you soooo much!

  10. Hello, I would really like to audition for this show it sounds fantastic. I don’t have real experience with television, but I’ve been in plays and learned lines in two weeks including songs whilein school. I would be perfect candidate for this show. I am an amazing 12 year old African-American actress. Please comment back, this means the world to me, because I belong on Disney Channel ! Thank you soooo much !!! ❤

  11. hi my name is name Kristine elhaf iwant to be in Disney channel i am very talented and i love acting here is some info of me:

    name: Kristine elhaf
    date of birth:25/12/1998
    hair color: brown
    eyes color: brown
    location: Lebanon Beirut
    area code:00961
    hobbies: acting singing dancing basketball football
    phone number : +70971639
    current city: Lebanon ,Beirut
    i am easy to cry and i have mixed beauty i am half Lebanese half Philippine and i born in Kuwait i love acting i can make u cry and laugh once she made all audience not stop laughing i can somehow sing and dance i am friendly and easy to communicate with people i can dress up bigger than my age too.

    please reply nearly and thank you and by the way here is my email address :fatma_elhaf@hotmail.com

  12. This would be perfect for me i don’t have much experience but i know if you give me the chance i will be the perfect girl for you. Im 20 years old but i have a young looking face. This would be a dream even if i was an extra. I have alot of passion and i will never give up on my dream to act. Im mixed with black and white, brown eyes, brown hair, beautiful kind-hearted personality. I would be happy even if i was an extra because im not picky i know you have to work your way from the bottom to get to the top. I don’t even know if anyone will ever read this but i hope someone does so that they can see how bad i would love this opportunity. I please hope you get back to me my name is Shantee and my email is Shanteemarie@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you even though i know you already started i hope i can still get some kind of role.

  13. Hey I’m Miriam and I would love to be on the show Fantasma and I know you probably started shooting already but this is what I look like: I have brown skin and I have dark brown eyes I do gymnastics and this says it’s like wizards of Waverley place and I love wizards of Waverley place.

  14. bonjour!!!I am Laurine and i speak french and english a little bit,but i wish from all my heart to pass audition even i am in Africa Because i love yours tv shows and movies!!I just wanna live this experience to act in this new show FANTASMA,because im sure that it will be amazing!!I just loved wizards of waverly place thats what i think that this new tv show will be amazing!i leave this comment just for tell that i love disney and i wanna act in this new show,excuse me because the text is so long :-))i am 15 years old,i am african and i live to GABON,Libreville but i wanna have my chance!!!thanks for all your tv shows,musics and movies and cartoons

  15. hi, frida i have been looking for auditions. and this looks like a good show. and i just want to see if you guys are having auditions. so please email me. thanks for your time.

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