Disney Channel auditioning actors for new series pilot ‘I Didn’t Do It’

Demi Lovato Sonny with a Chance

I Didn’t Do It” comes from one of the writers for “Sonny with a Chance“.
Creative Commons

Bandwagon Entertainment has been given a series pilot order by Disney Channel for a new sitcom titled “I Didn’t Do it”. Auditions are underway for the series regulars and possible recurring roles. Extras and stand-ins will be hired starting early January, 2013 when shooting begins in Los Angeles. There are many roles for actors to play high school students, especially needed will be extras who are 18 and over who can play younger. The 1/2 hour show centers around a pair of fourteen year old fraternal twins and their dubious tales, with stories told in reverse menology.


8 thoughts on “Disney Channel auditioning actors for new series pilot ‘I Didn’t Do It’

  1. Hi I’m Cassidy as it says up there.i am 13 years old.i have brown hair and blue-green eyes. I don’t like the word abdicate. I act like a blond sometimes well most times. 🙂 i don’t like cheese. And I love acting and gymnastics.

  2. I am more then interested of being apart of your works

  3. I”d love to audition, where are the auditions? And when are they?

  4. i would love to audtion for a role.
    Name: Dahianna
    Gender: Female
    race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’4-5’5
    Weight: 108 pounds
    State: Maryland
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Skills: Plays Violin, Viola, Flute & learning ukulele and piano
    Interests: Potography, Skateboarding, animation, singing, Dancing
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity c:

  5. I have taken class for acting so plz contact me for a audition for i didnt do it i know i the next big thing thank you for your time

  6. hi william hunter,14 years old, go to.L.B. Landry high school and currently looking for an extra role an I more then happy to play as an extra in your series,please reply when you get this

  7. How can I play a character in it?

  8. I would love to audition for this movie! I am 14 and am 5’8 i am very excited about this!

    Thank You,
    Katelyn Payne

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